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Check abolutely Bernd's new movie here


Check here fabulous pictures of Iceland by Patrice Schreyer.


Pic by Tom Guérin


Photo: © fred! fredmoix.com

DSC 3285

Romain Desgranges just completed the first repeat of "Gautama" graded hard 8B+, taking advantage of the unusual cold in Branson on the 20th of june. He suggest that a grade of 8B would be more appropriate. 

Source: bouldering.info
Photo: © fred! fredmoix.com


Photographer Fred Moix recently succeeded to add the obvious logical start to the mega-classic Joyeux Léon in La Balmaz, Switzerland. Joyeux Léon was established by Fred Nicole back in '92, and was considered at the time as the world's hardest traverse. This traverse is now considered as a well-established 8B boulder / 8B+ traverse and Pompon Léon, the new line, adds 11 movements to the classic problem, thus making the crux sequence much more spicy according to Fred (Moix) who propose it as an 8C in the old-school traverse grading and as an 8B+ in the nowadays boulder scale.

Source: Thomas Guérin - bouldering.info

Pic by Thomas Guérin - bouldering.info : Fred in the last move before the top-out.

I recently found some time for a bit of climbing action in Fontainebleau after spending the last months traveling between Rwanda, Denmark and Germany constantly for other assignments & projects, like the 'With our own eyes' project where i tought Rwandan students in photography for instance. More on all that on my website if you like. But back to Font. As the winter stayed in Europe longer than normal, it was freezing cold, so not bad conditions, even with some snow. We hiked through some classic problems over the days, here are a few shots from the days.

- Simon Sticker 

François Nicole just completed his famous long-term project on the limestone of Saint-Triphon, Vaud, Switzerland on the 27th of november. This rather short powerful route involves a crimpy section leading to an astonishing right-hand dyno followed by another bunch of "edgy" movements. The pictures shows François in the already mythical dyno published full page in Climbing magazine earlier this year. Congrats!

Pics by fred! fredmoix.com   

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