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September 21 2009 2 21 /09 /September /2009 19:07

Climbing and Photography

Climbing and photography has always been something with much in  common for me. I started climbing because of moments i had out in  the mountains i came to bouldering because of the feeling of being  in the moment, with the flow, this stage where you forget everything  around you. It was always about the intensity. With photography it  was something similar. As a photographer, different to a filmmaker,  you are also searching for THE special moment, for the particular  look in the face or the perfect frame of a dyno. You are working a  whole day to get is one instant of a second where everything is  perfect. And also most of the time as a photographer i have to go  with the flow as well, reacting on what is happening. Photography as  well as difficult climbing always has been something between well- planned and something totally unplanned, what creates the most  special moments. So enjoy this little pic from a bouldering area nearby my hometown,  a try to get into the moment.

Simon Sticker

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